5 Reasons Why You Need Travel Insurance

Thursday, March 24, 2022

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5 Reasons Why You Need Travel Insurance | Recent events have revealed, plain as day, that you can’t prepare enough for unforeseen circumstances while on a trip. Yet, do what we can to financially protect ourselves because that’s the very best and only thing we can do. Enter travel insurance!

What is Travel Insurance?

In a nutshell, this is an insurance package that you purchase that offers you a measure of financial protection in the event of specific risks or losses during your travel. Now, because most people already have other packages like health insurance and gadget insurance, the need for something like travel insurance is often lost on them. However, no matter what policy you’ve already engaged in, so long as you’re traveling, getting travel insurance coverage is of the utmost importance. Here are a few key reasons why!

1. You’re Financially Protected In The Event Of Delayed Or Lost Luggage

Having your luggage delayed or lost can happen to anyone. And the worst part? It tends to occur at the most unexpected times! However, while it won’t take away the pain of that loss, having travel insurance can significantly lessen its sting. That policy will help you cover the cost of buying a change of clothes, getting toiletries, and other essentials.

2. You’re Covered if Your Flight Gets Delayed

No one has control over the weather and flight conditions. It can be sunny or cloudy that your trip has to be delayed a long while! Without insurance, this can be genuinely unpleasant because you’ll have to cover a ton of costs out-of-pocket. However, when you have travel insurance, it will take care of everything from transportation to hotel expenses.

3. You Get Reimbursed If Your Travel Or Tour Company Gives You Unexpected Problems

The travel industry is a very volatile space. Tour groups and companies in operation today can have packed up and faded out of existence by the coming week! Should this happen while you’re on your trip, you might as well wave bye-bye to any hopes of a refund! But with travel insurance, you have a partner that can easily cover much of the costs that’ll ensue from such an occurrence.

4. You’re Protected if Your Travel Destination Suffers Devastation

Some travel destinations are just as beautiful as they are deadly. If your intended travel destination suffers a major civil conflict or natural disaster, all hopes of going on that trip at that time are lost, and for the most part, so are any funds you might’ve paid in advance. Travel insurance will cover a significant portion of the losses you incurred from the canceled trip.

5. You Can Afford A Critical Evacuation

The worst might happen while you’re away, and the need for a medical evacuation may come up. Your travel insurance will activate in emergencies like this and protect you from the astronomical costs of such a situation.

Ultimately, having travel insurance always works to your advantage!

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  1. Memang perlau ada travel insurance ni. Apa apa jadi, senang ada backup dan membantu. Lebih banyak kebaikan dia. Cuma dia agak costly sikit lah kan.

  2. wajib ambik.. jgn la skip bab ni kalau nk travel oversea