Tips for your holiday & hotels recommendation in Ipoh, Malaysia

Friday, December 29, 2023

Ipoh Perak, hotel di Ipoh,

This City is Perfect for a Child-friendly Trip with Family—the Clean Air and Natural Scenery are Top Notch and Cannot be Missed!

Ipoh has many exciting places to visit where modern life and old historic buildings stand side by side. Starting from various recreational parks, several old temples and castles, shopping centers, and much more. Make sure you choose a hotel in Ipoh that is close to tourist attractions, such as the following choices of hotels near Ipoh.

Attractive Tourist Destinations in Ipoh

Before deciding to go to Ipoh, you need to know some attractive tourist destinations here. These are some of the recommendations:

1. Exploring History

Ipoh is home to several buildings that preserve past glories. One notable example is the Birch Memorial Clock Tower, constructed in memory of James WW Birch, whom a Malay tribal chief killed. 

Another prominent attraction is Kek Lok Tong, a Buddhist temple in a cave on Mount Rapat. This temple features a main altar adorned with deities. Additionally, there is Sri Mariamman Kovil, a Hindu temple known for its unique architecture.

2. Visit the Recreation Park

Spend a day at the Lost World of Tambun, refreshing in the summer with many water rides. There are several exciting areas, such as Tiger Valley, Cliff Racer, Tube Rider, and Jungle Wave Bay. Not far from the Lost World of Tambun area, you can visit Tambun Hot Spring. You can soak in hot springs to make your mind grow and become more relaxed.

Recommended Hotels in Ipoh

One of the most important things to consider when planning a holiday trip is the accommodation. If you are planning to go to Ipoh, here are some recommended hotels to choose from:

1. Golden Roof Hotel Ampang

Ipoh Perak, hotel di Ipoh,

Address: No. 2, Jalan Ampang Baru 6A, Ampang Baru Trading Centre, Ipoh

Price: Starts from RM 94.86 (Standard Queen - 1 Queen Bed)

When staying at Golden Roof Hotel Ampang, you can choose several room types, such as Deluxe, Premier, and others. This hotel could be the recommendation for those of you who want to save money but with sufficient facilities.

2. Impiana Hotel Ipoh

Ipoh Perak, hotel di Ipoh,

Address: 18, Jalan Sultan Nazrin Shah, Ipoh, Kinta, Perak

Price: Starts from RM 207.00 (Double Room King Bed)

Impiana Hotel Ipoh is a hotel with a strategic location close to the Ipoh Heritage Walk. Although the dishes at this hotel are delicious, if you want other menus, there are several restaurants near the hotel.

The best spot is the swimming pool, surrounded by a fabulous garden and several chairs for sunbathing. If you want to relax, there is a coffee shop that serves various coffee and snack menus.

3. Sunway Lost World Hotel

Ipoh Perak, hotel di Ipoh,

Address: No. 2, Persiaran Lagoon Sunway 1, Sunway City Ipoh, Ipoh, Tambun, Perak

Price: Starts from RM 279.05 (Exotic Twin - 1 Twin Bed)

If you want to visit the Lost World of Tambun, stay at the Sunway Lost World Hotel, which is located right in front of it. Apart from its strategic location, this hotel is famous for its delicious and varied food offerings.

The rooms are spacious, and you can spend time with your children having fun in the swimming pool. After a tiring day of activities, you can relax your body by using massage services.

Tips for Your Holiday in Ipoh

Here are some tips to make your holiday in Ipoh become more fun:

1. Visit the Festivals

Ipoh has several yearly festivals, such as the International Ipoh Festival and the Ipoh Food Festival. However, each year's holding date may differ, so you need to find information first.

2. Create an Itinerary

When choosing accommodation, it is important to consider comfort and proximity to tourist attractions to make the most of your vacation time. While accommodations near tourist attractions may be slightly more expensive, you can take advantage of promotions on Traveloka to find great deals.

3. Plan the Budget Trip

Vacations don't always have to cost a lot of money. You can save by creating an appropriate budget, such as opting for a backpacker-style trip, choosing affordable accommodations, and shopping at traditional markets.

This is a review of several things you can do in Ipoh, as well as recommendations for the best hotel near Ipoh tourist attractions. Now, you can easily travel by ordering your holiday needs online through Traveloka. From plane tickets to a wide range of affordable accommodation options, you can find everything you need at affordable prices.

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Kedai Kopi & Kueh | Secangkir Kopi Hitam, George Town

Sunday, December 24, 2023

Kedai Kopi & Kueh, Secangkir Kopi Hitam George Town,

Kedai Kopi & Kueh | Secangkir Kopi Hitam, George Town | Hai semua.. Kembali lagi kita dalam rancangan makan-makan. hehe. Aku ada tengok di tiktok, Cafe Secangkir Kopi Hitam. Tempat dia sangat menarik.. Jadi kebetulan minggu lepas memang aku dan kawan nak ke Penang. Terus masukkan cafe ni dalam list kami.

Kedai Kopi & Kueh, Secangkir Kopi Hitam George Town,

Time aku sampai ni memang cun sebab tak ada orang sangat.. Sorang dua macam tu ja. Vibes cafe ni sumpah best sebab sangat menenangkan.. tak serabut. Untuk sampai kesini, access dia memang mudah. Waze terus sampai. Kenapa aku cakap macam ni, sebab sesetengah kedai even kita dah waze pun still tak jumpa jumpa.

Kedai Kopi & Kueh, Secangkir Kopi Hitam George Town,

Dekorasi kedai memang cantik.. Setiap susun atur semuanya perfect lah orang kata. Nampak vintage gitu. Memang sesuai untuk orang yang suka bergambar. Banyak sangat prop yang boleh digunakan. Warna pastel digabungkan dengan warna hitam, tersangatlah sesuai..

Kedai Kopi & Kueh, Secangkir Kopi Hitam George Town,

Kedai Kopi & Kueh, Secangkir Kopi Hitam George Town,

Aku order air signature dorang.. Rasanya tak manis dan tak pahit sangat. Sedap rasa saja. yang aku nak recommend adalah roti bakar. sedappp! padahal dorang bakar je tapi tak tau kenapa aku rasa sedap. haha. Maybe coklat yang dorang guna tu, coklat premium..

Nama roti pun unik.. Ada roti bakar sayang. roti bakar comel.. macam-macam lagi nama yang menarik.

Kedai Kopi & Kueh, Secangkir Kopi Hitam George Town,

Kami sembang santai disini dekat sejam lebih.. best duduk sini, ruang sembang yang luas.. Bagi aku harga makanan di sini tidak terlalu mahal. harga berpatutan. 

Kedai Kopi & Kueh, Secangkir Kopi Hitam George Town,

Jalan-jalan sehari di Penang memang tak cukup masa. rasa cepat sangat berlalu
Semoga persahabatan kita kekal selamanya.. amin.. ;)

Kedai Kopi & Kueh, Secangkir Kopi Hitam George Town,

Alamat :  5, Lebuh Clarke, George Town, 10050 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Waktu Operasi : Buka Setiap Hari kecuali Selasa (8.00 pagi - 4.00 petang)

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INTEC Diploma in Accounting

Monday, December 04, 2023

INTEC Diploma in Accounting, INTEC Education College,

INTEC Diploma in Accounting | Do you have any thoughts linger about to further their study in accounting? Nowadays, there are countless universities offering accounting courses in their universities, and one of those universities is INTEC Education College.

Accounting is essential to the business world. The pillar of every successful company is a proficient accountant, equipped with expertise in finance, mathematics, statistics, and economics. If working with numbers is your passion, it is an opportunity for you to pursue in accounting field. Accounting pathway paves the way for a rewarding career in the future.

INTEC Diploma in Accounting, INTEC Education College,

Why should you consider advancing your studies in the field of accounting?

·       Global Relevance: Every industry, worldwide, requires the expertise of accountants. Your skills are transferable across sectors and applicable anywhere on the globe.

·       High Demand Career: Pursue a path with career opportunities that are consistently in high demand, ensuring your skills remain sought after.

·       Career Flexibility: Enjoy the flexibility to work in diverse fields such as fashion, politics, sports, or business, tailoring your career to your passions and interests.

·       Diverse Job Opportunities: Explore a broad spectrum of job opportunities, offering variety and excitement in your professional journey.

·       High Employability: Enhance your employability with a qualification in accounting, as the demand for skilled professionals remains consistently high.

If you choose to enter the field of accountancy, you'll find two main paths awaiting you:

In-House Specialization: Work as an accountant for a single business, specializing in a specific industry. This allows you to establish yourself as an expert in areas such as retail accounting or hospitality accounting.

Practice Diversity: Joining accountancy practices provides exposure to various clients across different industries. This broad overview of the discipline offers rapid experience accumulation and opportunities to work with prominent and exciting brands.

Prior to this, my introduction to INTEC came through a Facebook advertisement. Subsequently, my interest was piqued as my friend's sister expressed her intention to pursue further studies at INTEC. Through this connection, I delved deeper into what INTEC offers. Among the various options available for those aspiring to advance their studies in accounting, the Diploma in Accounting caught my attention. This program provides comprehensive exposure to both financial and non-financial aspects of the field, focusing on areas such as auditing, taxation, management, and ethics.

What adds a spark to the excitement is the fact that at INTEC, you only invest 2 years in your studies before leaping into the next thrilling phase at the degree or professional level. Now, let's dive into the heart of the excitement – the Diploma in Accounting at INTEC. Brace yourself for a dynamic education that delves into the realms of accounting, financial accounting, taxation, and the exhilarating world of auditing. If you're someone who thrives on analytics, loves tackling challenges, and has a passion for all things math, congratulations, you're the perfect candidate for this thrilling course! Get ready to embark on an educational journey like no other.        

If you guys are interested in furthering your study at INTEC, you can directly go to their website or just click the link here.


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