5 Reasons Why You Need Travel Insurance

Thursday, March 24, 2022

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5 Reasons Why You Need Travel Insurance | Recent events have revealed, plain as day, that you can’t prepare enough for unforeseen circumstances while on a trip. Yet, do what we can to financially protect ourselves because that’s the very best and only thing we can do. Enter travel insurance!

What is Travel Insurance?

In a nutshell, this is an insurance package that you purchase that offers you a measure of financial protection in the event of specific risks or losses during your travel. Now, because most people already have other packages like health insurance and gadget insurance, the need for something like travel insurance is often lost on them. However, no matter what policy you’ve already engaged in, so long as you’re traveling, getting travel insurance coverage is of the utmost importance. Here are a few key reasons why!

1. You’re Financially Protected In The Event Of Delayed Or Lost Luggage

Having your luggage delayed or lost can happen to anyone. And the worst part? It tends to occur at the most unexpected times! However, while it won’t take away the pain of that loss, having travel insurance can significantly lessen its sting. That policy will help you cover the cost of buying a change of clothes, getting toiletries, and other essentials.

2. You’re Covered if Your Flight Gets Delayed

No one has control over the weather and flight conditions. It can be sunny or cloudy that your trip has to be delayed a long while! Without insurance, this can be genuinely unpleasant because you’ll have to cover a ton of costs out-of-pocket. However, when you have travel insurance, it will take care of everything from transportation to hotel expenses.

3. You Get Reimbursed If Your Travel Or Tour Company Gives You Unexpected Problems

The travel industry is a very volatile space. Tour groups and companies in operation today can have packed up and faded out of existence by the coming week! Should this happen while you’re on your trip, you might as well wave bye-bye to any hopes of a refund! But with travel insurance, you have a partner that can easily cover much of the costs that’ll ensue from such an occurrence.

4. You’re Protected if Your Travel Destination Suffers Devastation

Some travel destinations are just as beautiful as they are deadly. If your intended travel destination suffers a major civil conflict or natural disaster, all hopes of going on that trip at that time are lost, and for the most part, so are any funds you might’ve paid in advance. Travel insurance will cover a significant portion of the losses you incurred from the canceled trip.

5. You Can Afford A Critical Evacuation

The worst might happen while you’re away, and the need for a medical evacuation may come up. Your travel insurance will activate in emergencies like this and protect you from the astronomical costs of such a situation.

Ultimately, having travel insurance always works to your advantage!

To pick the best one for you, go to the FinCrew financial marketplace to compare the best packages in the country today! 

Check out their video here

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Smart Watch: Buying Guide Malaysia Edition

Friday, March 18, 2022

Smart Watch: Buying Guide Malaysia Edition | The wearable world now is filled with high-quality devices with a ton of functionality to make your daily lives easier. There are so many different smartwatches available on the market right now that fit a range of budgets. If you’re reading this article, it means you’re looking to get a smartwatch yourself! But which is the best one for you? 

Smart Watch Buying Guide Malaysia Edition, apple smart watch,

In our guide today, we will be talking about some of the key features you need to pay attention to when deciding which is the best smartwatch for you. Without further ado, let’s go straight into our best Malaysian smartwatch buying guide.

OS and Phone Compatibility

Most smartwatches are designed to serve as companions to your smartphone, hence device compatibility is very important. Some smartwatches will only work on certain operating systems, for example, Apple watches only runs on iPhones while Google Wear OS runs on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. Some devices such as Fitbit and Garmin watches work with both Android and Apple OS. 

The smartwatch OS will also dictate the type and number of on-watch apps you get access to. However, many of these apps are not a must-have and more of good-to-have features that may not be too high on your requirements list. 

Screen Display

Most smartwatches have a colorful LCD screen or AMOLED display that gives a view of photos, apps, and content with richer and brighter colors. While this is nice, the trade-off is that your watch will have shorter battery life. However, it’s worth noting that smartwatch manufacturers have been working on major improvements to enhance the device’s efficiency to last several days, if not weeks with a single charge. Alternatively, you can opt for a simple black and white display for longer battery life. 


Most are not all smartwatches now come with a touchscreen and picking one with a touchscreen seems to be a no-brainer. However, there have been a few reports where users found it difficult to select items on a smaller touch display and that some gesture-based interfaces aren’t as intuitive. 

The Wear OS does a good job at presenting card-based notifications where you can dismiss them easily with a swipe, but you may need to deal with a lot of swiping to get to other apps and options within apps. Alternatively, you can also switch between cards with a flick of your wrist. 

On the other hand, Apple has gone with a combo approach for their Apple Watches – offering a touch display, a digital crown, and a side button. The crown can be used to quickly zoom in on content or to scroll while the screen uses Force Touch technology to better differentiate between a tap and a long press. The side button on the right brings you to your dock of favorite apps. 


Higher quality smartwatches come with a choice of straps and/or the ability to swap them out for a third-party option to match your preferences. The ability to personalize the look and display of your device is quite an important point, especially for those who do not watch their watch to clash with their outfit. 

Most smartwatches today offer plenty of customization options such as the ability to pick band color and material, face color, finish, and size. However, you should also keep in mind that comfort counts for a lot, hence it is advisable to avoid smartwatches with cumbersome clasps that require too much force to open and close. 

Recent smartwatches are sporting round faces now to look more like traditional timepieces. Newer models are also getting slimmer and smaller, such as the Garmin Lily, which is a particularly attractive choice for smaller wrists. 

Fitness Tracking

Activity and fitness tracking are some of the biggest reasons why many turn to smartwatches. A fitness smartwatch can log your steps, calories, workouts, and even heart rate. Many also have GPS built-in to help runners and bikers map their routes. Swimmers may also want to look for something that’s water-resistant to withstand being submerged in a pool for an extended period. Over the past few years, health tracking has also become more advanced on most smartwatches with the introduction of blood oxygen levels and ECG monitoring. 


Many smartwatches today also come with NFC to let you pay for things without your wallet. You can choose to save your credit or debit card information into your smartwatch and just hold your wrist up to an NFC reader to pay for your groceries or cup of coffee on the way home. You should keep in mind that different watches support different payment systems: Apple Watches use Apple Pay, Wear OS use Google Pay, and Samsung devices use Samsung Pay.

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Beli Rumah Semasa Pandemik Covid 19, adakah ia langkah bijak?

Sunday, March 06, 2022

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Beli Rumah Semasa Pandemik Covid 19, adakah ia langkah bijak? | Siapa saja yang tak ada impian untuk membeli rumah sendiri kan? Hajat dari dulu sehingga wabak covid 19 muncul hampir 3 tahun lepas. lama sangat rasanya virus ni menular. tapi sampai bila? wallahualam.. Walaupun kita dilanda hal sebegini, kita masih ada hasrat dalam membeli hartanah untuk masa hadapan.

Apa yang merisaukan orang ramai yang berminat untuk membuat pembelian rumah untuk pertama kalinya adalah risau tentang kos harga yang tinggi. Meskipun ianya hanya rumah teres, kos pembinaan sudah pastinya mahal.. ramai dikalangan kita semua yang hanya mampu menyewa rumah, tapi busyra yakin dalam fikiran semua memikirkan sampai bila ingin menyewa, bukan? 

Baru-baru ni busyra ada membaca satu artikel dimana, seorang pemaju hartanah mengatakan bahawa, semasa covid 19 inilah masa yang sesuai untuk membeli rumah.. Hal ini adalah kerana mereka menawarkan harga yang lebih murah dari sebelumnya. Mereka akan membuat pelbagai pakej harga dimana yang akan membuatkan pembeli mampu untuk membuat pembelian pertama..

mortgagecalculator, beli rumah semasa pandemik covid 19, iproperty, propertyguru, pemaju hartanah, beli rumah kos rendah, cara beli rumah pertama,

Menurut iproperty

OSK Property Holdings Berhad merupakan satu daripada pemaju hartanah terkemuka di Malaysia. Mereka sentiasa komited dalam menyerahkan projek kediaman, komersial dan perbandaran yang berkualiti. Di Semenanjung Malaysia, terutamanya di Lembah Klang, Pulau Pinang, Kedah, Johor, Pahang dan Negeri Sembilan, OSK Property telah menyediakan rumah untuk lebih 40,000 keluarga dan 55 pembangunan di Malaysia. Bukan itu saja, mereka juga telah mengorak langkah ke arah projek luar negara mereka yang pertama iaitu pembangunan integrasi campuran terbesar tunggal Melbourne di Australia. OSK Holdings mencatatkan 51% peningkatan dalam keuntungan Q1 2021 yang sebahagian besarnya dipacu melalui segmen hartanah, perkhidmatan kewangan dan pemegangan pelaburan.

Jom tengok apa kata Puan Adilah Adib (Seorang Perunding Hartanah) 

Persoalannya, adakah waktu sekarang adalah waktu yang bijak untuk membeli rumah?

Bagi mereka yang mengalami kegawatan ekonomi akibat pandemik sekarang ini, mungkin sekarang bukan masa yang sesuai untuk membeli rumah, akan tetapi untuk yang mempunyai kerja yang stabil dan wang simpanan yang memcukupi, inilah masa yang sesuai untuk membeli rumah pertama.

Sememangnya kita tahu, rumah adalah satu keperluan dan ianya bukan kehendak.

Busyra ada satu cara untuk korang yang memang ada niat nak beli rumah, boleh buat pengiraan sendiri secara kasar.. Dengan menggunakan kalkulator pinjaman perumahan, korang boleh tahu adakah korang layak untuk membeli rumah berdasarkan gaji setiap bulan.. mudah kan?

mortgagecalculator, beli rumah semasa pandemik covid 19, iproperty, propertyguru, pemaju hartanah, beli rumah kos rendah, cara beli rumah pertama,

mortgagecalculator, beli rumah semasa pandemik covid 19, iproperty, propertyguru, pemaju hartanah, beli rumah kos rendah, cara beli rumah pertama,

Korang ada perangai macam busyra tak, dimana suka sangat tengok harga rumah dalam online website.. Antaranya di PropertyGuru dan Mudah.My ..dekat sana pelbagai jenis perumahan yang korang boleh tengok. Walaupun rumah teres tapi banyak ja yang cantik-cantik dan berpatutan harganya.. ada rumah second hand dan ada rumah baru.

mortgagecalculator, beli rumah semasa pandemik covid 19, iproperty, propertyguru, pemaju hartanah, beli rumah kos rendah, cara beli rumah pertama,

So korang, yang mana nak beli rumah tu boleh la buat pengiraan dulu.. Sangat memudahkan urusan kita kelak. Tak susah pun sebab seluruh negara boleh guna kalkulator https://www.mortgagecalculator.uk 

Buatlah sesuatu keputusan dengan bijak.. 

semoga perkongsian busyra bermanfaat buat semua!

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